Transport in Cambridge is always a controversy. As in any small place in the UK, the council constantly comes up with silly ideas to try and improve things. Some recent examples are:

  • Congestion charges (I think that one is an attempt to make people think they are living in a large place). Of course that couldn't work since one of the ways that people pay the congestion charge is by mobile 'phone and the cell reception is so lousy in Cambridge that you'd never be able to get a signal.
  • Guided bus - we are in the process of having a guided bus from some random place in the countryside (where people choose to live) into the centre of Cambridge. Yet another example of people who choose to live outside Cambridge getting a better deal than those who actually live in it. My big gripe about this is the carnage the traffic works has created in the process- Hills Road resembles Beirut right now.
Of course the tabloid press and television news love to pick up in these things - the latest title I saw in a paper yesterday was "No need for road toll with space age pods" - nonsense (writer watching too much of Buck Rogers I fear).

I really can't understand why they don't build trams. They are silent, nice to look at, and very efficient to get on/off from (in place of some lousy driver giving you cheek for not having the right money).

On the media side, Anglia News and BBC Look East always make me laugh due to their complete nonsense approach to media (I'm sure a random red-brick University media club could do much better). Pointless stories about lost dogs, new transport systems, and various random members of the public in difficulties (like not able to play the radio when visiting a garage). Of course maybe I'm just cynical coming from Glasgow (where the news always covers people being killed !).

It's Saturday morning and the first point I feel relaxed since Iceland. Had dinner at the Peking in Cambridge last night (great as ever)- I love the food and also it's unusual to go to somewhere in Cambridge and have consistent staff. Some reflections on the past few weeks.

I liked Iceland. Friendly efficient people - actually probably the only holiday I have gone on where someone hasn't p****** me off within a few minutes of landing due to messing something up or lack of effort (well that's what happens if you go a short break to Europe or the UK).

Reykjavik was much smaller than I had anticipated and aesthetically was a complete disappointment- think Cumbernauld, East Kilbride (new towns near Glasgow). 

The food was much better than I had expected. Of course there are similarities to Scottish Food. For example, 'Traditional Icelandic Food' is 'Scotch Broth' in my speak. Lots of Fish (yuk), but meat cooked really well also. Highlight of the food side was having sorbet made at the table with liquid nitrogen and lemon (very nice).

In terms of day-day activities. Outdoor Spa's are fantastic and really relaxing - especially when you are outside and there is a snow-storm blowing on your face. The scenery was really nice. The trouble is that with everything covered in snow it all looks the same. So when someone points at some large glacier, you are thinking 'another tall white thing covered in snow'.

My big thing of course was perfect cell reception wherever I was. Even on the side of a glacier I had perfect reception !

So would I go again ? Probably, in the summer when there is a bit more scenery. It would also be a great place (albeit pricey) for a lads weekend.

My workload continues to be an issue as I'm really busy and there is so much to do. Out in the US this coming week again- though it's great to be able to work face-face with people. The good thing is that I'm motivated and as a result can get into the office really early (7AM) and work through the day. It's funny how things all click and a positive attitude makes such a difference.

Last week was absolutely hectic. I can't help feeling that my worklife has changed permanently from 7AM to 7PM in the office, quick dinner, then another load of calls/e-mails until I need to go to bed with exhaustion.

Got back from the US on Monday, relaxed a little. Thankfully the jetlag wasn't nearly as bad - well I guess if you go back to the same place within a week then your body adjusts fairly quickly.

Friday night dinner at Than Bin in Cambridge (Vietnamese) - really good - although I miss the old place on Regent Street (cafe) that I can't help feeling was better.

Sunday comes around - yet another flight (this time to Iceland on holiday)...