Swine Flu Parties...

Posted by Craig Tuesday, 30 June 2009

When the leaflets about Swine Flu were published last month I happened to make a 'joke' to people about parents organising 'Swine Flu Parties'. Of course I was only joking and didn't think anybody would be so stupid as to actually do it.

Well, BBC News this morning reported that people are organising such parties- the idea being that it is better for children to get the virus during the summer (rather than winter). Mmh, let's think of a better alternative- avoiding getting the virus altogether !

So who would do this ? I'm guessing the sort of people who don't get kids vaccinated, ignoring the social responsibility aspects of it.

I do find it interesting how society deals with these sorts of things and how people capitalise on it. During my last US trip I happened to spot the following slogan on a bottle of hand wipes:

Interesting how companies can change packaging quickly to target consumers...


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