Tuesday Morning

Posted by Craig Tuesday 13 January 2009

Good Comedy

Watched "Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe" last night, absolutely superb. Had lost faith in British Comedy recently, but found this to be really funny. That's 2 good comedy finds so far this year- the other being Frankie Boyle's Live DVD (that I've watched multiple times and still find even funnier each time I watch it). 

Credit Crunch Adverts
Anyone else noticed the credit crunch adverts that are taking place ? I particularly like the NatWest one- where various bank staff prompt 'customers' about random aspects of their life that could lead to cost savings. At this point I was thinking "isn't NatWest owned by RBS ?'- a quick web check confirmed this to be the case. Now... who's going to so a spoof of that advert about RBS senior management ?


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