The Ultimate in Distaste...

Posted by Craig Thursday 5 November 2009

Sorry for the lag of blogging recently. I've been so busy with the house move and travel for work (about to go another 3 weeks on the road again). Not helped by still not having Broadband at home (thanks to the mess that is BT). However, the good news is that there's been plenty of blog fodder !

Anyways, our first instalment is something that I just had to take a picture of when I visited the local Cambridge garden centre. I think it summarises the poor taste Cambridge people have:

Yes, forget elves, gnomes, even Chinese statues. Trump your neighbour by having your own Meerkat's in your front garden.


  1. Kay Says:
  2. Hello! It's just meerkat craze because of you-know-who. I think it's quite cute, borders on tacky - sure - but cute. Welcome back to Blimey and to a new home. Fingers crossed I'll get one too soon.

  3. Craig Says:
  4. Hi, thanks for the message.

    Animals in the garden. I guess it is a craze - always amazes me how people find ways to make money out of things (in this case at the garden level !). Funnily enough, someone actually mailed me asking where I saw it (a good Xmas present I guess).

    I'm back, but on the road again (see next posting), but hopefully December I'll be able to enjoy things. It's been manic over the past few weeks.

    I'm sure the house will work out, I guess the issue right now is lack of good properties on the market as everyone is holding out. However, like the meerkat thing once the media takes a more positive view of the economy (and there is nothing like a pending new year to do that) then it will all pick up again.


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