4:30AM, Xmas Day, Bored !

Posted by Craig Friday, 25 December 2009

Woke up early. I'm bored already !, nothing open, very little to do. I guess a day of DVDs and paperwork awaits. I guess tomorrow won't be any better..


  1. Kay Says:
  2. I cleaned my flat :) and got rid of some old (and not so old, considering I've only been in the country for 3 years) clothes. I've already got a LARGE M&S bag full of clothes. There will be more wardrobe pruning tomorrow.

  3. Craig Says:
  4. So most people put clothes into the cupboard on Xmas day, you get rid of them ! Well I ended up doing filing of paperwork and catching up on magazines.. Happy Xmas !

  5. Kay Says:
  6. Happy Christmas back :)


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