British Service

Posted by Craig Saturday 11 April 2009

Heading home from London today I saw this - it makes carrying a decent camera (rather than the iPhone) around with me all the time worth it.

British service at its best ! Great idea to have a customer service telephone on the platform (in lieu of trolleys). However, it does help if you actually connect the cabling up !

I was considering missing my train and heading over to the bookmakers on Pentonville Road and betting £1000 on the 'phone still not being connected by the end of 2010....


  1. Kay Says:
  2. This is brilliant! Just about sums up the way things are supposed to work but don't. My friend once updated her address with BT only to find out that one BT database doesn't sync up with another!

  3. Craig Says:
  4. Yep, the railways and telecoms are two areas that really sum things up. In all fairness, things have got way way better in the last few years- but definitely fall short of expectations (or lack of ?). Ever watched Monty Python ? - you'll see plenty of references to poor service in there (like the Gas Board).


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