Back in the UK

Posted by Craig Sunday 21 June 2009

So, back in the Sunny UK...

As usual arriving back at Heathrow was the usual shambles, 30 mins or so ahead of schedule but of course needed to circle London for a while. It does make me laugh all the eco-intiatives that take place on the land at Heathrow (like towing 'planes out of the stands) when the amount of fuel that must get wasted in holding slots must far outweigh this. I really don't understand why they can't just manage the landing slots better ? I like Terminal 5 arrivals- far less walking than you have to do at Terminal 3 (though you seem to have to go up and down on lifts all the time).

Got to Kings Cross and usual comedy of errors regarding lifts at the Underground. Well, 2 lifts working would be statistically improbable for London and as usual statistics were 100% spot on ! Main lift not working. I'm sure the guy who fixes it was sitting with a nice pint of Carling in his back garden (think small plot like Coronation Street)- why there isn't 24hr support services for these things fails to amaze me.


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