San Jose

Posted by Craig Tuesday 2 June 2009 ,

Day 2 of the San Jose trip.

Hotel Hassles
When I checked in yesterday, I got to the room and did the usual check everything worked etc. At the time I thought there was a fairly loud noise of aircon from outside (one of the big vents). However, decided to keep the current room.

After dinner I went straight to sleep. At 1AM I woke up (presumably as my exhaustion from lack of sleep had passed) and of course the aircon outside was going at full blast. I let it got for about 30mins and decided I couldn't stand it any longer. Went down to reception and asked for a room move. Now being cautious, I asked the receptionist for the key to check the revised room first. Well after about 7 rooms I decided the one I had was the best (no point in having a room that faces onto the freeway). Decided to take some sleeping pills and force sleep.

Woke up this morning feeling a little tired. Decided I'd ask for a new room (a receptionist who recognised me as I visit fairly often) and got a perfect one !

I love Buffalo Wings- one of the really good things about the US. Had them for dinner last night (boneless even better as saves the hassle). Dinner tonight at Malaysian/Indian place (very nice). Thankfully I've managed to stay off the snacking so far !


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