Japanese Cars in London

Posted by Craig Sunday 19 July 2009

Several years ago on a trip to Japan I spotted what I would call 'Postman Pat' cars- those that looked identical to the van used by Postman Pat. Fairly simple to describe - imagine the drawing you would make of a van - rectangular box with wheels at the bottom !

Anyways, a few months back I discovered an exhibition of Japanese cars on at the Science Museum. Like any visiting exhibition you get your hopes up and expect a huge number of exhibits. I remember in Hamburg there being an exhibition from Xi'an of the Chinese warriors. Of course I went expecting to see a full army - one warrior ! In the end, there were a few Japanese cars and I managed to take a few pics::

However, to my delight I was walking through London yesterday (off Regent Street) and spotted this:

It's amazing with all the technology we have in the world today and we end up with a look that a 4 year old child could have drawn at a high level. I guess the simplicity is what I like about it !

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  1. Kyle Schmidt Says:
  2. From what I know, cars are drawn and created in miniature models first before the real one. Correct me if I’m wrong, okay? I would be guessing that car you saw was really a shocker for you. You should have pinched yourself if you’re daydreaming that day. Haha!


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