Long Days

Posted by Craig Thursday 23 July 2009

Finally finished after a day in PowerPoint. I feel as though the past few weeks have been Outlook and PowerPoint with nothing else. I bought a copy of Illustrator last weekend for the purpose of trying to do better diagrams, but haven't got around to it yet.


  1. Kay Says:
  2. I think the trick to powerpoint is to NOT touch the templates they provide.

    Have you bought naked baby mayo yet?

  3. Craig Says:
  4. Agreed, I always used the template but often mess around with the colours. This time I've forced myself to me good and not do it. Trouble is that once you get proper artists involved it raises the stakes and of course you end up spending far longer trying to match their talents !

    I picked up the mayo yesterday, Sunday lunch I'll try it thanks.

  5. Craig Says:
  6. I bought it, nice recommendation thanks ! apart from the fact that I still find it difficult to put 'mayo' on my sandwich. Still, I'll have someone prepare them in the future. Good find !


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