Last Week in Review

Posted by Craig Saturday 11 July 2009

Housing Blues
We're now ca. 6 months down the line and the silly covenant on the house I want to buy has yet to be lifted. Yes, only in the UK could you be in a situation where there is a restriction imposed on a property that says it can only be sold to someone of retireable age or has a disability - a property that clearly isn't designed for old people nor people who are disabled. Still, that isn't really the planning departments problem.

I ended up calling the council this morning to figure out what was really going on- only to be told that the guy dealing with it is on holiday. When I enquired if someone else could help, I was told that only he could. I was about to ask "what if he gets hit by a bus" but decided that wouldn't really help my case much. I'm sure next week there will be some further trivial reason why things are stalled.

It really does irritate me just how difficult something that is so common sense is to get moving, although it does show me how much more patient I am than I used to be. I'm more bothered about loosing my current buyers who I'm sure are getting fed up with the constant "we will know in 2 weeks" messages that our agent is giving them. However, there is also something really dumb about a house sitting empty, spec'd to my requirements, and not actually being able to move into it !

iPhone awaited
Finally got through to the person at O2 who knows what they are doing. In less than 5mins new iPhone ordered and expected early next week. I'm excited as I can now get my favourite playlists onto the 32GB device. Of course in a years time I'll need 64GB ! It amazes me just how much data storage we need nowadays for things- and it will only get worse.


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