Back in the UK

Posted by Craig Saturday 7 February 2009

Arrived early on the flight from SFO. As we flew over Wales it looked covered in snow- though I'm sure everything still managed to function. However, nearer London is was completely clear - makes me wonder what all the fuss was about regarding the place in meltdown (not a good choice of expression I know- freezeup is probably better). Actually I know - people using the 'bad' weather as an excuse to be lazy.

As usual (well about 50% of the time) the IRIS system was broken at immigration. Makes me wonder why they even bother having it. I was about to take a picture of the broken machines but noticed some staff around so decided that was a bad idea. Government officials tend not to like the idea of someone photographing and spend time policing it (rather than fix the problems in the first place). The reason for the picture was simple - to prove to the complaints people that there actually was a problem. I've had several occasions where they have challenged me that at the given time the machines were in fact working - clearly I was the one at fault. 

After a few expletives I was ushered to the airline staff fast track, where I asked the lady who checked my passport if the machines weren't working because the dwarfs who were inside of them hadn't made it in because of the snow - she laughed.

Usual wait around for luggage - I'm sure the people who were supposed to the transporting the luggage around the airport couldn't make it in due to the 'bad' weather (read excuse for some workshy slob to take Saturday morning off and sit watching football and drinking lager). London Underground had the usual weekend carnage - why not just report the bits of the underground that are actually working is probably a shorter list to rattle off using the tannoy than those that aren't.


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