Sunday rant

Posted by Craig Sunday 8 February 2009

Cambridge Supermarkets
Another stress of living in Cambridge is the excuse for supermarkets. You'd think in the South East of England there would be fairly good logistics systems in place, but alas no. If you ever watch one of these 'doom and gloom' shows (like Survivors) which depict when society has some major epidemic, strike etc. one of the things they always show is the supermarkets empty.

Note to the BBC: Forget paying huge sums to create a scene of an empty supermarket, Waitrose in Trumpington Road Cambridge has it already. Here's the scene in the drinks isle in the middle of Winter::

Inventory of missing items: No Thai Chilis, No Beef Stock on Display.

Clearly there had been an influx of people wanting to make hot beef noodle soup, then having to drink lots of water afterwards due to a burning mouth (wait a minute, that's me !).

In all fairness, at least the staff in Waitrose do take the effort to go and check in the back storeroom. This is unlike most shops in Cambridge (where I'm sure the staff - clones of Adrian Mole and I'm sure are paid in Clearasil) who simple utter "if it's not on display, we don't have it". I often wonder if shops in Cambridge do actually have any stock rooms ?

As usual I had the 'seek assistance' message at the Quickpay counter - making me feel like someone who has bought something that they shouldn't have (ironic as usual it was the Sunday Times).

Whilst I'm on a rant, other Cambridge specials include Sainsbury's not having any potatoes (stopped going there after that one), Domino's pizza not delivering after placing an online order (after calling to ask why my order hadn't been delivered I was told they had ran out of pizza bases).

Drinks in All Bar One later in the afternoon, after realising when I got into the 'city' that I had forgotten to take my wallet with me. I like All Bar One, another example of an organisation that values the quality of its staff who are generally very friendly and efficient.


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