Weekend Food...

Posted by Craig Sunday 15 February 2009

This has been a very good weekend for food. Although as I write this I'm getting really hungry - although 9PM isn't the right time to rustle up some beef stew (what I have a craving for). So, this weeks food highlights:

  • Tuesday - Turkish food at Effes in Cambridge.  Probably the best Turkish food I've tasted and one of the few highlights of food in Cambridge. Mixed kebab is really good, and they cook rice to perfection.
  • Friday - lunch at a Deli in Sheffield. I love basic British food and lunch was hot turkey, stuffing, on a white roll. Just slightly under a similar place in Ipswich.
  • Friday - dinner at the Tickell Arms in Whittlesford. I haven't been there for a few years and food (as well as the atmosphere) was fantastic, a really good evening.
  • Saturday - lunch at Asadal in Holborn. Another place I haven't been for a while, but really missing Korean food right now. Marinated beef, spicy chicken. The ambience of the place is really good- downstairs London. 
  • Saturday - Macarons (Pistachio and Vanilla) at Laduree with coffee. They have this really cool coffee machine that does Cappuccino way better than Starbucks.
The next week is in San Jose and I'm worried it'll be some junk food a good chunk of the time. 


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