Going home early....

Posted by Craig Friday 6 February 2009

... A world first ! - I am at the airport on Friday traveling back home a day early due to meeting times being optimal for a change (usually it's the opposite). It will also be good to get home early as I'm sure there will be carnage at LHR due to the poor weather conditions. I'd use the phrase 'meltdown' but that isn't really applicable I guess. I guess there was the wrong kind of snow in London and so everything has come to a standstill.

I'm sure I've gained a few pounds (how quickly I get into the American way of life !) in the trip here. Last night was ribs, have just eaten a steak in the lounge. The Virgin lounge at SFO isn't that great (esp. give it's before security), funny how you get to know the staff in such places. Looking around me there are many clones of 'the brit abroad' - it's like going into a clothing store in Cambridge and all the people look the same (no genetic comment intended).

So the main amusement on this trip is that at the security point as I checked in, the guy had to go off and check my ticket was valid for going home early. I was standing looking at the paperwork and there was a piece of paper titled 'watch list' with a list of names on it. For those who know me and are interested drop me a mail - I have a funny anecdote to tell you regarding the names on the list.

Right, boarding and bed awaits....


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